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As part of launching our services, we are creating 100 free websites and blogs. 100% responsive, mobile-friendly websites. To avail the offer please follow the steps below

How This Works And What To Do:

Please follow the steps below to claim your free websites

Step - 1

Subscribe to by entering your name and email id.

Step - 2

  • Send us a mail at  with the following information
  • Name and tagline ( if any) of the website you want to make.
  • Specify you want a Blog or website.
  • The address/contact details you want to display in your contact us page ( if applicable)
  • Any other content (photos/articles/promotions etc) you need to display in your website.

Step - 3

  • We will send you a link to signup for your website hosting or click here
  • Please signup and make a temporary login and password which you can change later.
  • You will get50% off on first year hosting plan and a free domain (Yes, you don’t have to pay for it) when you signup with our link.

Step - 4

  • Simply send us the sign in and password to us and you are good to go.
  • We get to work and have your website done most likely within 1 to 7 days depending on the demand.
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Requirements for a FREE web design:

  1. Must not currently have hosting OR be willing to switch to a new hosting plan. We support the most reliable hosting providers there is at the moment.
  2. Please understand that hosting is a requirement to have a website running on the internet no matter what you decide to do. There is no avoiding having to get it if you wish to have a website (whether or not you use our service).
  3. The website/Blog will be a basic one with 3 to 4 pages maximum.
  4. If you need extra pages you will be charged $35/ Page( Optional)
  5. Must provide us with photos/videos or any additional media you wish to have on your website.
  6. If you need a logo for your brand or website we can make you a stunning logo with an additional charge of $50( Optional)
  7. If you want we can create 2 to 3 email ids for you with your domain name for an additional charge of $30.We can redirect it to your personal mail or any other email if you wish so that you will receive your emails in your regular inbox.  ( Optional)      yourname/
  8. If you need any other graphic design work to be done at your website those will be done as extra with affordable costs(Optional).
  9. If you want to go with a complete customization of the website/Blog, we can do it starting from $250 with a premium highly customizable theme which will be suitable for your website category( Optional).
  10. if you need us to maintain your website with us, we can also do it for you with an affordable monthly payment ( Optional)


Please insert your name and your email address and we will get you started!

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