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Website Audit

As SEO experts Calgary, we always start with a website audit so that we can actually know what are the things not working in our website or in other words find out the issues in our website related to SEO. Few common issues are

  • Website not mobile friendly
  • Page speed
  • Improper coding
  • Website server issues etc.
  • Content not optimized

As one of the best SEO companies in Calgary, we do a free website audit for our potential customers and give them a detailed report on what is wrong on their website. If anybody claims to be the best SEO company Calgary and not doing this fundamental step of analyzing your website, please realize you are in the wrong place.We always start with the website audit as your Calgary SEO solutions provider.

Keyword Research

SEO Company calgary

This is the most important and essential step of search engine optimization. Here we find out keywords that are easy to rank and has a good search volume, more often long tail keywords. This actually helps in getting faster results if we are focusing on ROI.

We use different tools like uber suggest, keywords everywhere, Ahrefs etc for this process. We spend a tremendous amount of man hours for this process.As a matter of fact any Calgary SEO specialists will put more energy on keyword research.

Competition Analysis

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We do a manual analysis of your competitors who are ranking in top 1 to 6 positions for our selected keywords to understand why they are there and what we need do for outranking them.SEO is like a strategy game. If you have a better strategy than your competitor the better off you are and you will win the game.

On page Optimization / Internal Optimization by Calgary SEO Expert

Our Calgary SEO experts will optimize the content of your website with the targeted keywords and multiple call to action for your product or services. The major onpage optimization factors we consider as important, but not limited to,  as a Calgary local search expert are,

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URL of the page
  • H1/H2/H3/H4 tags
  • Keyword Density
  • Robots.txt
  • Xml sitemap
  • Elimination of technical errors (broken links, page speed, duplicate page/content etc)
  • Internal and external linking of the page
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile friendly optimization etc to name a few.

We organize the pages in your website in a specific way that it will become relevant to whatever search query the user is typing in.

Off-page Optimization / External Optimization by Calgary SEO Expert

Local SEO Calgary also depends on how well you do your off-page optimization.Each SEO companies in Calgary do external optimization in different ways. There are no set rules for this.

  • We produce very helpful and highly consumable fresh information in the forms of blogs and articles, which your target audience will naturally like and share in their social media.
  • Quality and relevant citations for your business linking back to your website
  • Creating a large number of social profiles for your website linking back to your website to create trust.
  • Building high-quality links from high domain authority websites to power up your website.

These are to name a few common practices but for sure we have our own secret recipes.

Creation and Optimization of Google My Business Listing (GMB Listing)

GMB listing otherwise known as the Google My Business Listing is considered as the holy grail of local businesses, as it has the potential to bring more business to you by converting more people. Google introduced GMB to help local businesses to have more visibility in their local market and customers can easily avail their service just by clicking the call button. Studies have shown that 90 percent of the people visiting a google my listing will visit that place or buy their service within the next 72 hours.

We help you to rank your business in the GMB listing 3 pack.

  • GMB Creation
  • GMB Verification or claiming your GMB listing
  • Optimizing the GMB Categories
  • Optimizing the GMB content
  • Optimizing GMB images
  • Posting articles and events
  • Google my business site creation and optimization
  • Citation building to create trust
  • Checking the NAP consistency etc are a few to mention.
  • Press release

Why You Should Hire An Expert SEO Company

You know that your website needs an SEO expert. SEO isn’t just putting keywords on the website. Many people misunderstood this. Gone are the days when you can rank any website with keyword stuffing. That was the time google wan an infant. Time passed and search engines became intelligent.Their algorithm changes every minute.Here are some reasons why you should hire an SEO company or SEO expert.

how much does SEO cost?

This is a most frequently asked question when it comes to SEO packages Calgary.Well, we would say, it depends. We know this is a much-generalized answer but it is the truth.There are so many factors comes into play when we price an SEO service.

Is it a highly competitive niche?

Is it a metro city or a town?

How competitive are the keywords the client wants to rank for?

You can imagine the competition in a niche like injury lawyers compared to a towing service and the competition in a city like Calgary or Toronto compared to a town like Red Deer. Next comes the keywords. The major keywords like the niche+location are always highly competitive as compared to long keywords.

Earlier in the days’ SEO specialists used to offer $250 – $850 per month to do SEO for a small service business where the competition is low and usually that optimizations are focused to rank in a small community or city.

Now in 2018 – 2019 the things changed dramatically as Google’s and other search engines algorithms got much tougher.

The reality is, SEO requires a tremendous amount of human hours as there really is not any kind of automation. If anybody runs an ethical, respectable and expert SEO agency providing SEO  expert services, there is no way that the organization is able to survive with this pricing model, and to be honest let’s think this way, if somebody offers you an SEO package for $300 /month and the actual cost of ranking a website is much higher, what company would really care about your SEO success for $300/month?

There could be another Calgary search engine optimization company out there willing to do SEO for you in this price range, however, beware – it could likely be over promising, under delivering and may even be using deceptive practices that could get your website de-indexed from Google or other search engines.

We, SEO specialists offer our price after analyzing the competition and your website.Most of the local search experts in Calgary are doing the same.

Is SEO Dead?

Since we know SEO very well and being one of the best SEO companies in Calgary, we track the trend of SEO Calgary or for that matter any latest developments and the future of search engine marketing. A lot of times we heard this question “Is SEO Dead?‘ or “Is SEO worth spending money on?”

Our answer to these questions is “SEO is not dead and never will be”. SEO practices and local SEO techniques are changing as the time pass by because of the latest developments in search engine algorithms and it is getting tougher day by day for sure.

But if consultants know how to find the low hanging fruits, to find loopholes and comply with the search engine ranking guidelines at the same time producing helpful content to meet the user intent, there will always a place for you in the first page of google.We would like to take you to the top if you wish to collaborate with us and we will be more than happy to help you. We are proud to say that The Digital Signature in one of the few best companies for SEO in Calgary, AB.

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